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Innovative Health & Wellness | About Us
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About Us


Our Goals

Innovative Health and Wellness (IH&W) Goals

  • Improve overall health by providing efficient community-based mental health and substance use disorder treatment.
  • Emphasis on care for individuals with serious mental illness, serious emotional disturbance, and chronic substance abuse disorders
  • Effective coordination of care through integration of behavioral health care with physical health care to serve the “whole person”
  • Utilize consistent evidence-based practices.
  • Maintaining our human compassion for individuals we serve by way of our actions, speech, and service.


Our Mission

IHW’s mission is to improve the quality of life of individuals and families by compassionately servicing their mental health, behavior health, and addiction needs. We accomplish this mission by recognizing the person first, providing education and support to their specific needs, and creating individualized treatment plans.


Our Vision

To provide innovative therapeutic service in a new paradigm of how services are rendered. Our comprehensive methods will evaluate the patient’s needs for primary medicine, mental health, behavioral health, and substance abuse services. We commit to providing quality, effective, and proven evidence-based treatment for individuals and their families.


Our Values

  • Accountability – Our staff will collectively provide quality and accurate service to support our mission.
  • Diversity – We provide a diverse working environment to ensure cultural awareness and respect for people of all backgrounds.
  • Integrity – Our team vows to exhibit leadership which demands truthfulness and honesty.
  • Compassion – We recognize the person first and are committed to providing services that honor human kindness.